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I'll never be the same without you

Nicknames?:Big Momma,meg,maeg,mae-gay etc...
Location:Hollywood Florida(unfortunately)

Gay marriages: I personally think that if two people love eachother and want to get married they should even if it is the same sex your in love with. you cant choose what kind of people you fall in love with and you should be able to get married. the government nor the states should choose for you. i mean its not like they will be getting it on with the same sex.
lables/labeling:i dont like labels at all. but yet i label people somtimes. i dont like to but its a bad habit. labeling will always be around and i guess i will have to cope with it.
music (in general): music is such a wonderful thing. i honestly dont know where i'd be without music. all music is a work of art, including those songs that talk about "Ass and Titties" i mean its degrating and all and i dont like that type of music but if thats they way they feel and thats how they express themselves then sure why not
suicide/cutting: i dont like cutting at all. i think it adds onto your problems not solves them.i know people that cut and some that used to cut. they say it takes away the thought of what happend and its a release and makes them think about other things. when really after the blood is dried and the problem goes away you will always have the scars there to remind yourself and thats just pretty lame kidds.and suicide is just plain out dumb. killing yourself doesnt solve anything either. life isnt fair and its a rollercoaster and things do get rough but you shouldnt kill yourself over it. it makes things worse for you and your loved ones

5 favourite bands:Death Cab For Cutie, Boy's Night Out, Matchbook Romance, Finch, and Anti-Flag
5 favourite songs:"Jamestown" by The Movielife, "Anywhere With You" by Reggie and The Full Effect, "Science Fiction" by Rufio, "Sell You Beautiful" by Rx Bandits, and ""I Was The Devil For One Afternoon" by Boy's Night Out
5 favourite things about yourself:i help my mom around the house alot, im a good friend, im dependent, i make people feel better when they are down, and i give good advice

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