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.My application.

Bianca Sayegh
Nicknames?: Sharpie, Binky
Age: 14
Location: Florida

Gay marriages:
Im for it. Love is love and nobody should let gender get in the way and hopefully, people will understand that. 
lables/labeling: Labeling music is alright or else I'd never find my Cd's which I find already hard to find. But if it's labeling people, I try to do it as little as possible. I don't really think it's right to label people but I guess I  have to admit I sometimes label people when I'm trying to describe someone.
music (in general): Erm. Music is basically my life? It takes up more than half of my day? My life would suck without music. I think I would cry.
suicide/cutting: Suicide is a no-no. There's always a solution to a problem even if it seems like there isn't. And there's always at least one person who loves you even if you don't know it. I know I love you. And cutting, well everyone's different and take out their frustration in different ways but i'm sure we could all find a better way so we don't hurt ourselves.

5 favourite bands:
Hawthorne Heights, Bleed The Dream, Straylight Run, Juliana Theory, The Used

5 favourite songs: Ohio is for Lovers, Taste of Ink, She's The Blade, Sudden Death in Carolina, The Tension and the Terror
5 favourite things about yourself: Optimistic at times, I think things and they happen like once i predicted my friends mom was in the hospital, i can pick good people out of a crowd, I see right through liars/fakes, i love everyone no matter what they look like or dress because everyone has good qualities. Oh and a 6th thing, Im Meli's girlfriend so you gotta love me. <3333 to Meli. lol.

And here..
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Describe yourself in three words: Happy, Crazy, Loving

Post a picture if wanted, if your gorgous, please post one: Darn. Im on the wrong comp with no pictures.



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