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I'll never be the same without you

Name: Gabby
Nicknames?: Gabburito, Butterfly, Freckles, Booty G, Mark, gordon, etc.
Age: 13
Location: Hollywood florida

Gay marriages: I guess you could say I have mixed feelings on this. The government has no right to have a say on who should be able to love who. You can't help who you love regardless of there gender, race, or anything. But then again, me being a Catholic, I've learned that being homosexual is wrong, and as my cousin put it, God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. But hey, to each it's own.
lables/labeling: Lables are completly pointless. I'm not going to go on and say I don't use them a lot because I do. I don't use them in a wrong way or anything but yeah I'll admit, sometimes I'm like oh shes really ghetto or hes preppy etc. But don't let the music you listen to or the clothes you wear decide who you are.
music (in general): Music is my life. For most people, including myself, its a huge outlet. I listen to all kinds of music and its a great way of expressing yourself.
suicide/cutting: Suicide I believe is a really selfish thing to do. I for one have thought about doing it but it dawned me on that sure you'll have bad days, but theres days when they'll get better and you can't run away from your problems like that because there is people who love you. In my opinion if you choose suicide, then you're taking the easy way out and being scared, but then again thats just me. As for cutting, I think people take it too far. Most people "cut" themselves with little safty pins in the middle of public for attention, yet there's other people who don't tell anyone and do it for an outlet. I understand why people do do it, but I do think there's other ways to handle youre problems and let go of rage.

5 favourite bands: blink-182, green day, my chemical romance, brand new, taking back sunday
5 favourite songs: 1. tiny vessels- death cab for cutie 2. slow hands- interpol 3. man overboard- blink-182 4.lover i dont have to love- bright eyes 5. ballroom blitz- sweet
5 favourite things about yourself: humor 2. how i can listen to people a lot 3. I can always make my friends feel better when they're sad 4. I'm really loyal 5. I'm really dependent

And here..
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Describe yourself in three words: funny, weird, pessimistic

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I'm not gorgous, but hey I guess I'll post a pic or two =)

thanks ♥

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