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i'll never be the same without you


Name: Christina...but please call me Stiner
Nicknames?: Stiner, Steener, That one, The really fucking loud drummer, that one girl with the blonde hair
Age: fifteen
Location:Lafayette, Louisiana...the most boring place on earth, save mardi gras :)

Gay marriages: I'm all for it, my uncle is gay, and having to fight everylittlething..all because he just wants to marry someone he loves. fucked up, i think so.
lables/labeling: I don't belive in it. I just think it's some ones really fucked up way to catagorize the world.
music (in general): Without music, i'd have to kill myself. its the only thing that really keeps me sane.
suicide/cutting: Some people do it for attention, other people really have it in their head that they should die, i've been there, and done that, and i really know that i did need help. and i think that when people do, they just need a friend to help them through it, not people critizing them for doing something they thought they needed to do./

5 favourite bands: Nirvana, Glenn Miller Orchestra, The Cure, The Distillers,Radiohead
5 favourite songs:
"2+2=5"-Radiohead; "Karma Police"-Radiohead; "Sliver"-Nirvana, "Moonlight Sarenade"-Glenn Miller; "Dismantle Me'-The Distillers
5 favourite things about yourself: My love for drumming, My personality, my hands, my ass [sorry, but like it],my eyes

And here..
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Place promoted/link:

Describe yourself in three words: superfly, short, suprising

Post a picture if wanted, if your gorgous, please post one:

i just got glasses.

me and my bestfirend edmo.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. <3

have a nice day
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