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I'll never be the same without you

Name: Grace
Nicknames?: Some people call me Gracey Loo-freebush [From Ms.Congeniality.] It annoys the living shit out of me.
Age: 14
Location: Los Angeles

Gay marriages: I think that if you love someone enough to marry them, then you should marry them, regardless of their gender. It's simple as that.
lables/labeling: I think that having your entire life and everything you stand for crammed into one word is wrong. Insulting, even. And it shouldn't matter if you are punk, emo, prep, goth, whatever. It should matter that you are yourself.
music (in general): I have no idea what I would do without it. I seriously think my iPod headphones have grown together with my ears.
suicide/cutting: Suicide is not right. It is almost selfish, because there are people who love you, ALWAYS, regardless of that you think, it is true. And if you commit suicide, it's kind of like a slap in the face for everyone that loves you. But that's just my personal opinion. As for cutting, I think that anyone who is so unhappy as to harm themself, needs a lot of help. :[

5 favourite bands: pink floyd, The beatles, supreme beings of leisure, franz ferdinand, scissor sisters, bjork, sublime, neutral milk hotel, JANIS JOPLIN. [yes I know it's much more than five, I am an indescisive person.]
5 favourite songs: Love rhymes with hideous car wreck [blood brothers]; one of these days [pink floyd]; oceania [bjork]; strangelove addiction [supreme beings of leisure]; return to oz [scissor sisters]
5 favourite things about yourself: I have blue eyes, and they change to green every once in a while. Uhm... I can be funny, I am very honest and straight forward, I am very silly/carefree, and I really don't give a flying fuck about what people think about me. :]
And here..
Promote! Post the link to prove you have, we thankyou.
Place promoted/link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/speedyellowyak/18337.html?view=93089#t93089

Describe yourself in three words: Random, silly, outgoing.

Post a picture if wanted, if your gorgous, please post one:
Hahaha I am by no means gorgeus, but here are some pictures anyway :]:]

On the right.

Uhm yeah that's in my bathroom. :]

PS. My pictures are kind of warped, so if my face looks a little long, it's just the picture.
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