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I saw this on Meli's user info thin and even though it seems kinda dead and meli's grounded...I'm joining. :)



Name: Katie

Nicknames?: Kate?

Age: 14

Location: Whitman, Massachusetts


Gay marriages: Marriage is love, wethere its a guy and a girl, 2 guys,
or 2 girls, i really dont care, you cant choose who you love.

lables/labeling: Honestly, I'm not gonna lie and say it's dumb, because I do label, but not like..mean labels.

music (in general): I don't know what you mean for an opinion on music..but I mostly like pop and alternative and stuff..

suicide/cutting: I hate it. I don't think people should do it.


5 favourite bands: simple plan, yellowcard, the killers, green day, and yes britney spears even though shes not a band..

5 favourite songs: mr, briteside, look what you've done, toxic, boulevard of broken dreams, shut up

5 favourite things about yourself: My birthday is June 24, meli's been
my best friend since 7th grade, I'm in 9th grade, My favorite color is
pink and I've been going out with Anthony for almost 5 months.

And here..

Promote! Post the link to prove you have, we thankyou.

Place promoted/link: I'm not in any other communities or anything..and none of my lj friends have digital cameras :/ sorry

Describe yourself in three words: Meli's secret lover. xD

Post a picture if wanted, if your gorgous, please post one:

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