virgil winthrop sanderson. (darkest_irony) wrote in werate_nothate,
virgil winthrop sanderson.

i'll never be the same without you.

Nicknames?:  Ash, Ashleigh Marie Rose Lynn Rose Marie Neckonchuk (don't ask about that one), Stinky, Heartsicles, and best of all:  ash bash fo fash bo na na bo tash fee fye fo cash, ashhhleigh (my BFF said so).
Age:  Sixteen
Location:  South Jersey

Gay marriages:
  You can't put laws on love, right?
lables/labeling:  STUPID STUPID STUPID.  Labels can go die.  NOW.
music (in general):  Music is what keeps me alive.  But I mean real music.  Opera, Classical, Broadway, and rock.  Anything else sucks.
Suicide/cutting:  Overrated.  People say they're going to and then just hurt themselves instead because they would never really kill themselves.  IT'S FOR ATTENTION.  I USED TO DO IT I SHOULD KNOW.  The end.

5 favourite bands:
  Yes, Rush, Queen, Streetlight Manifesto, The Postal Service
5 favourite songs: 
"When The Idle Poor Become The Idle Rich" from the musical Finian's Rainbow
"Brand New Colony" by The Postal Service.
"The Nearness Of You" performed by Norah Jones.
"So Wondrous, Sweet, and Fair" written by Edmund Waller and music written by Sven Lekburg.
"Fly By Night" by Rush.
5 favourite things about yourself:  My voice.  My eyes.  My teeth.  My smile.  My metabolism.

And here..
Promote! Post the link to prove you have, we thankyou.
I'll promote you in mine once the join-free-of-application fest runs out (because I need to keep it as the most recent entry until it's over).

daretobe___ if you're interested in sistering <3

Describe yourself in three words:  Artistic, musically inclined, orange.  Okay, I lied.  That's four words.

Post a picture if wanted, if your gorgous, please post one:
 Me and my undying love for Chees-Its.

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