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I'll never be the same without you


Name: Tawnee
Nicknames?: Dollface x Broken Doll x Rotten Whore x Rockez x Tawnizzle
Age: 18
Location: Massachusetts

Gay marriages: This is so old. Can we just let people live the way they want to live. I swear this is the stupidest thing people are arguing over. The answer is simple... LET US LIVE OUR LIVES AND FUCK OFF!
lables/labeling: This is a fucking sickness, I dont like the whole labeling frenzy but its hard not to have some label crawl out of your mouth. Its a sickness!
music (in general): I hate the way the music is these years! Seems people dont know how to write a song or a fucking lyric of there own. I wish that mucis was about the emotion and meaning instead of the money and fame.
suicide/cutting: This is something that I have to deal with everyday. Until you feel the way others like myself have from this sickness you shouldnt judge the emotions and the pain it causes.

5 favourite bands:
American Head Charge
Lollipop Lust Kill
Leftover Crack
GG Allin
5 favourite songs:
Anet- Tortured
American Head Charge- A Violent Reaction
Smile Empty Soul- Therapy
Bleeding Through- On Wings Of Lead
GG Allin- Drink, Fight & Fuck
5 favourite things about yourself:
My blunt opinion
My personality
My fashion sense
My sign - Aries
My fucked up family

And here..
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Describe yourself in three words: Blunt x Passionate x Demented

Post a picture if wanted, if your gorgous, please post one:
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